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I would like to know what are the best methods of cooking potatoes in order to make them as healthy as possible.
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To ensure potatoes remain low in fat make sure you follow healthy cooking techniques. The table below outlines alternatives to high-fat cooking methods. Remember to try and keep the skin on, as the skin contains important antioxidants and fibre.

Oil or fats

  • Grill, dry roast, microwave or BBQ on the grilling rack rather than frying
  • Use minimal amounts of margarine, oil, butter, lard, dripping and shortening
  • Use spray oils, water and/or stock for cooking
  • Add herbs, spices, lemon juice, vinegar or low fat sauces rather than fats or oils


  • Check the amount and reduce if possible
  • Replace with mono or polyunsaturated margarine or oils
  • Use moist ingredients such as buttermilk to enhance the taste


  • Avoid full cream when cooking
  • Instead try evaporated skim milk. For a thick consistency, heat evaporated skim milk and thicken with cornflour

Salad dressings and mayonnaise

  • Use fat-free varieties, skim or low-fat yoghurt and herbs

Sour cream

  • Use reduced fat varieties
  • Try skim or low-fat natural yoghurt as an alternative


  • Mature cheese (e.g. cheddar)
  • For melting purposes, use a mixture of one part full-fat cheddar to four parts reduced-fat cheddar to improve consistency and flavour
  • Combine cottage cheese and low-fat ricotta cheese


  • Use skim milk, low or reduced fat milk


  • Use low-fat coconut milk or try evaporated skim milk with a few drops of coconut essence


  • Separate meat juices from dripping to make a low fat gravy(place juices in a container in the freezer for 10+minutes and fat will rise to the top for removal) or use powdered gravy mix with water.
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